Our Lodge

The Acá y Allá Hostel is located in the town of Urdániz. Between the towns of Zubiri and Larrasoaña and more specifically in front of the town of Ilarratz.

The place is reached by the road down the slope of Ilarratz and continuing beyond the bridge to the main road. This is the village of Urdániz.

From Zubiri along the main road you reach the village of Urdániz, the hostel is on the main street of the village

what to do in Urdaniz?


Capture the beauty of Urdániz's rural landscape with your camera. From the green mountains to the golden fields, there are plenty of opportunities to take stunning photos.


Explore the trails surrounding Urdániz and enjoy leisurely walks through the beautiful natural landscapes of the region. There are routes of different levels of difficulty that will take you through forests, meadows and mountains, offering spectacular panoramic views.

Enjoying the local gastronomy

Visit a bar or restaurant in town and sample the delicious gastronomy of Navarre. From traditional dishes to pintxos and tapas, there is a lot to discover in terms of local food.

With each step, a story; with each stage, an experience; live the Camino de Santiago with us!